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I love Jo Louise's well-defined characters. I feel that I know them with all their foibles, eccentricities and ambitions ... Jess going through the emotional trauma of a divorce from a husband captivated by a younger woman; Stella, the ambitious but caring PR hotshot; and gentle Lilli, the nature-loving herbalist ... and of course, Tiffany, Jess's Gen Y daughter.

Alison S.

What’s It About…

Three best friends. Two Diamonds.One Tiffany. Jess is falling apart: Craig has left her for a blonde bimbo who is barely older than their daughter Tiffany. Stella is focused on her PR business: While launching Tiffany’s modelling career at Milan Fashion week, she meets a man who forces her to rethink her life. Lilli is getting serious with aristocratic Alex: But how can a naturopath hippie live in a world of soirees and tiaras? Will Jess find a new life for herself or keep living in the past? Can Stella compromise her ambition to let love in? And will Lilli change for Alex or choose to follow her passion? Project Tiffany is the story of how one girl is the catalyst leading these three women across the world to discover what their hearts truly desire.

Clever, witty, heartfelt... Project Tiffany is a great read for women of all ages. The characters are likeable and relatable, the plot full of twists and turns. It's a fresh take on Sex and the City: the same genre, but three very different women. You will find yourself crying at the characters' misfortunes, experiencing their heartache and celebrating their triumphs as you are taken on an emotional journey around the world.

Lauren B.